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The Huronia District Soccer Association Centre of Excellence is for the players.

While supervised by highly qualified coaches - adults - the needs of the player takes priority.

When you ask youngsters what they want - and I have - it is to have fun and be allowed to express themselves.

They want to improve, have competition, but they don’t want a constant barrage of instruction.

They want to play.

The Centre of Excellence has been designed to give the players as many touches on the ball as possible and help them develop their techniques and skills.

To do that in a realistic way, there are lots of games, from 1 v 1 on up.

There are no static drills in line-ups, no long lectures and no fitness training.

Nobody is telling them what to do all the time.

Instead, coaches will help guide players through different small sided games in which the participants will be asked to find their own solutions to problems and to make decisions.

It is designed to recreate street soccer, those games where children get to play free.

Those times when the environment creates learning.

The four targeted themes are 1 v 1 defending and attacking; running with the ball; control and striking the ball, all of which take place naturally in the game.

Mistakes take place, in fact they are encouraged.

Without mistakes, there is no progress.

What players don’t want is to be constantly told they have made a mistake.

You think they don’t know? They do. They don’t need reminding.

The Centre of Excellence also has another purpose,

It provides players from across Huronia the chance to make new friends, to play and train with players from different places and different clubs.

A different setting to the one they may be used to, a change of voices and new experiences.

During the winter, the indoor sessions are accompanied by music, which helps improve the players rhythm.

You see kids dance with the ball.

All too often children are instructed from dawn until dusk, their every move planned.

The Centre of Excellence has a plan, admittedly. There is even some instruction - but it is kept to an absolute minimum.

And it works, noting that more than 35 players who have attended are now playing in the Ontario Player Development League, the most elite league of its kind in the province.

So there you have it.

If the kids want to play free - this is the place to be.



The 2016-2017 Winter Program runs Sat November 5 -  Sat April 22

Cost $350 for 16 Sessions includes a uniform .

Location : New Tecumseth Recreation Complex .



Players who are interested should contact hdsa@on.aibn.com

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