HDSL and HDSA Club's RTP Guides

Please note that Ontario Soccer's, HDSL's and the home clubs rules and guidelines should always be followed.

Governing Organization's

Ontario Soccer RTP- https://www.ontariosoccer.net/page/show/5787197-ontario-soccer-return-to-play-guide

HDSL RTP- HDSL RTP Guidelines.docx



Alliston Men's RTP-AMSC RTP Guide July 19 2021.pdf

Barrie SC RTP-  https://www.barriefc.ca/


Bracebridge SC RTP- BSC RTP July 2 2021 (1).pdf

Huntsville SC RTP- HSC RTP Guidelines and Protocol - Youth and Adult Outdoor 2021.pdf

Innisfil SC RTP-

NDSC RTP- https://www.ontariosoccer.net/page/show/5787197-ontario-soccer-return-to-play-guide

ERP_update NDSC.pdf

Away teams visiting must complete our type form on our website:https://form.typeform.com/to/WOwh87te

Hand sanitation is to occur upon field entrance and exit

ODSC RTP- https://www.orilliasoccer.com/post-900/

SSU RTP- https://southsimcoeunited.ca/return-to-play-during-pandemic/